Sunday, June 28, 2009

At the shore

A friend and I went to the shore by the Chesapeake bay to have a picnic and to relax. While we were on the sand, we noticed these little buggers in the photo. We could not believe our eyes! Horseshoe crabs? It was neat and sad to see these little critters on the sand. They had washed up on the sand with the high tide, and they never made it back :( Not only did we see one crab, but we saw 4 others that were not lucky enough to make it back to the water.
I've only seen these at aquariums so I was pretty excited to see them for realz.


da goose said...

yea i think it's something like you cannot purchase any makeup (not skincare though) until you have finished your selected 10 products. But do what you feel comfortable.

vintage lex said...

It sounds like a good idea, I think I may join in.