Friday, June 12, 2009

Lux Pain Game Review

Lux Pain is a visual novel based adventure game. You play as Atsuki, the main character that has lux pain on one of his arms. That transplant ables Atsuki to "read" or gain insight about left over emotions that others leave behind. He is able to read minds and read shinens, aka strong emotions.

I really enjoy mystery games, so this game in theory was a perfect match. I enjoyed the search for Silent, and the relationships that Atsuki created with the side characters. However, it was really sad and disappointing to find so many errors in this game. Spelling, grammar errors. Don't get me wrong, everyone does the occasional typo. However, this game is out in the market! The game is being sold with huge errors, which will lead to many unhappy customers. Is it not someone's duty to check & proof read a VISUAL NOVEL? It was already distracting to have a written dialogue that hardly made sense. Instead the gamer must rely on the spoken dialogue, if one plans to understand the game what-so-ever.

I suspect that many gamers will give up hope and lose interest in Lux Pain. I hope this is untrue, but sadly this is all due to the translation. It's weak! This game needed some reviewing before it was released. If the company had spent extra time reviewing it, all of this could've been avoided, and we could have ourselves a great game. Sadly, this did not happen.

Overall, I know this game has many flaws... but I still enjoyed playing it. I will admit, it was hard to get past the distracting written dialogue and the many errors. It's still worth a play, but be warned of it's distracting flaws.

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