Saturday, June 6, 2009

ELF haul

My order came in! Yay! It was torture, waiting for the package. I placed my order May 25 and it came on June 4th. Pretty long, right? Well ELF takes up to 5 days to process your order. Bleh! Now, let me show you what I got!

Above, is the Blush/Bronze contouring brush. I included Cover Girl's Lash Blast mascara for size comparisons. The brush hair on this brush is a reddish color. It's also not as soft as the other brushes I order. I guess that's what you get for $1.00

This is the fan brush which is part of the ELF studio gear line. The studio gear line is $3.00 and up. The brush is very soft but it smelled of chemicals.

The blending brush is very soft and did not shed whatsoever when I washed it.

Above are the medium eyeshadow brushes. They shed a bit while I washed them.

The powder brush is also part of the studio gear line. The brush hairs are very soft and dense but had a terrible scent. In additon, I also purchased a lip brush and an angled eye brush.

The ELF quad was what really caught my eye on their website. Mac sells their quad palletes for $3.50 where as ELF sells them for $1.00 each. It's amazing! It already comes with the magnet, a mirror, and a cheap applicator (lip & eye applicator). However, you can remove the plastic seperators and fit more eyeshadows. WOOOO!

Other items that I purchased were a clear mascara for eyebrows & lashes, and two concealers. Overall, I'm pretty content with my ELF purchases, even if it took forever to arrive. Check out if you are interested.

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