Monday, March 29, 2010

Benefit Boing Concealer Review

Silly Lexy! You paid $18 dollars for a concealer.  You thought you were getting a good product, but instead you got yucky stuff.  The following will be a review on Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer.

covers (70% of discoloration)
does not crease (50% of the time)

awkward finish
creases (50% of the time)
easy to contaminate
cheap packaging
screw-on lid
quantity (0.1 oz)

I can't say I absolutely HATE this product but it is definitely not a favorite of mine. Not only is it expensive for such a small amount of product, but it also doesn't perform like I expected.  This product is not "an industrial strength" concealer.  I don't really see what the big fuss is about.  I'm still trying to figure out where the "industrial strength" claim came from. performs just like almost any other concealer.  It creases, it has noticeable finish.  What's so special about this thing?

After being disappointed with the actual product and the performance of it, there is yet another issue at hand.  The packaging.  The box packaging is...okay.  Nothing special.  The product itself is made of hard plastic.  It's one of those screw tops, which can be a pain if you have a thing for losing items (like I do).  So you pay $18 dollars for boring plastic packaging...woo-hoo!! Then, you realize that you can easily contaminate the product just by using your hands or your clean brushes.  Any fiber, or dust particle on your hands or brushes will easily transfer over to the concealer pot.  It's gross, annoying, and yucky.  Why couldn't they make this a tube?  It would be easier to get the product and also more sanitary. 

Overall, I was just disappointed with the product.  I thought I was paying more for a higher quality product...but instead I just got a plastic round box with a yucky creamy substance.  I would not recommend this to anyone...unless you want to be disappointed.  *Shrugs* some people are into that! 
Maybe I'm just the one single girl that is not satisfied with any concealer.  Will I ever find my concealer prince charming?

*As usual, I purchase all my makeup.  I am not paid to write silly reviews on anything.*


Ashleybop said...

you should have got the katvond concealer its AMAZING but also 25 dollars

Sherr Bear said...

I admit that I used it too before.. Didn't like it as well... Made my undereyes seem cakey.. haha

Silly Lexy~ (in response to your question on my blog)


~Sherr Bear ^_^

Edna said...

I bought that last year and tried it out. Waste of $$ and it didn't work :(

筱婷筱婷 said...


April said...

Hi Lexy!!! I want to thank you so very much for my package! I love the gifts! I hope you got the package I sent you too! :) Our birthdays are coming up soon! I saw your birthday ticker and got one too!!! I hope you don't mind, it's just a COOL countdown. :)