Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life in Plastic

 It's fantastic!

I <3 Halloween, but this year...I wasn't in the mood.  October came and went.  I hardly had time to get excited.  I'm a bit upset that Halloween passed me by.  Oh well!  I'm not a fan of Halloween costumes from stores (they're so cheap--the material) so I just like to use what I currently own.  Trust me, I own a lot of stuff that could pass as a costume.  Mostly, weird accessories. 

This year I wanted to be Barbie, or Barbie's slightly darker haired sister.
No, I'm not Teresa.  Unfortunetly, my Halloween plans were cancelled due to Swine Flu.  Instead, I just gave out candy, carved pumpkins and went out for some Pei Wei.  I dressed up for this picture, but I removed my "costume" afterwards.  I felt silly.  No one would understand my version of Barbie and I didn't want to explain it. 

Here are some photos of past costumes:

My nephew Evan(Tigger) my sister Cristina (she was some crazy Zorro cat) and myself.

note the Portuguese flag on the side.

I love Fairies.  I had braces at this point. 

When I use to work with kids...We were spiders.

Can you spot me?

My sister asked me to do her makeup.  This year she wanted to be a vampire.  She borrowed the head piece and fangs from me.  As I said, I own a lot of...stuff. 

She looks good, right?  A little scarry. 

She asked me to make her a "happy" vampire...I don't believe there is such a thing.  Happy vampire.  Oxy moron?

I used the Revlon foundation on her.  Isn't that insanely pale?  That's my shade!  I contoured her cheeks using purple eyeshadow.  I also gave her a sexy smokey eye look.  She's wearing dramatic lashes with red rhinestones.  To top off the look, I used So Scarlette from Mac.  I <3 that shade.  I wish I could wear it more often.

My sister looked like a sexy vampire...even if she's kinda didn't want to photograph as one (I harassed her for a pic). 


April said...

Lexy you were one hot Barbie! I love the necklace on you and your makeup is ALWAYS fantastic! :) I loved all your costumes! :) Ahh the kids! I am thinking of accepting a job teaching preschool children, but I asked to start work December or January since I'm going to Hawaii with Justin mid November and I might have to get my tonsils removed soon and I need to recover from that. Hope all is well!

Elle said...

the makeup on your sister looks really nice, hot vampire she is! you did a good job on her and yourself! lol <3