Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Year's look--Contest Entry

I saw the above photo on Sephora's winter catalog and I about had a glitter heart attack.  This photograph is my love and dream. GLITTER! haha.  The moment I saw it, I knew I had to recreate it.  I decided to "copy" the look for a New Year's look contest.  I think it's perfect for New Year's.  It's festive, fun and no one will be able to say that you don't shine. 

It is so hard to photograph glitter...I am very disappointed in my photos.  Oh well...just imagine lots of glitter sitting on top of my eye. 

You know what was tons of fun? Removing all the eye makeup.  Glitter went everywhere! As Demetri Martin once said "Glitter is the craft herpes" can't get it off. 

Miss Antonia, I hope you know that I endure lots of pain in order to enter your contest.  I had glitter in my eye.  I almost died.  I deserve a makeup veteran medal "Glitter Storm Survivor." Nah, I'm just playing..

I used:
ELF mineral primer
Cosmetic glitter
Avon black satin gel eyeliner
ELF eyeliner
Fake lashes
Mac vanilla pigment
Mac on a mission blush
Nyx silver eyeliner
Nyx doll pink lipgloss
Nyx dolly pink lipliner


April said...

Wow you are soo good!!! GORGEOUS LOOK!!! Pretty lipstick!!!

Elle said...

that look is amazing, i really like the light blue and the glitterrr... i love it! yea glitters are a pain but they really makes your eye pop!