Monday, November 16, 2009

New Job

I started a new job today.  I had a good first day.  I met many, many people, but I can only recall about 7 names in total.  Everyone was very nice and helpful.  I'm very content.  I was very worried and nervous because it's a "real" job.  I worried for nothing!

You know what this means right?  I will have less time to do YT videos.  I will do my best to devote time to my YT bebê, but you know...sometimes real life gets in the way. 

How is everyone else's week?  It's Monday.  Mondays are hard to overcome and I often have a love/hate relationship with Monday.  So if you're having a bad day, or even a good is a virtual hug. *HUG*


April said...

Aww Lexy congrats on your new job! :) I too got a new job, but I won't be working until mid December or even January--gotta wait for my tonsillectomy and healing time. Wow, looks like you work in an office. Hehehe! I got a preschool teaching job and I am not allowed to take photos of the children because celebrity parents don't want their kids photos taken. Ahh! I am soo excited because I really wanted to work in that area and teach celeb babies. LOL!

Elle said...

im glad you found yourself a real job, truthfully i think the real world sucks if it wasn't for my boyfriend and family i think i would hate it but hey its reality!

my monday was alright, classes all day. i'm graduating soon so just a couple more classes to gooo

*huggsss back =]


MTW Designs said...

Congrats, Lexy. I am so happy you're working on a new and real job. Wish you have a good start. Best wish and luck from me.