Friday, November 27, 2009

FTC & New Rules

What is this madness with the FTC and having to list all sorts of information for EVERY product used.  This is such a chore for makeup gurus.  For the most part I use 3-6 products but that is alot of crap I need to explain.  With the case of two incidents, I have never been given free stuff.  The two incidents being I got soap from Ashley and I won a blogTv giveaway.  Aside from these two incidents, I have purchased ALL of my products. 

I wish people would just hand me stuff and I could keep it, but the world doesn't work that way.  Now, I need to define at all times that I purchased these products (again & again).  What a pain! I agree that it should be only done for reviews.  There is so much skepticism with reviews and it would be nice to know if the person is being paid to promote the product, or if they bought it.  In most cases, I don't think it changes the person's mind on whether they will buy the product, or the reviewer's opinions.

In any case, I will be putting up a disclaimer in my videos from now on. 

This also applies to blogs, so I'll have to do disclaimer for my blog as well. :(

Check out this video for more info. 

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April said...

I found out about this yesterday. It sucks for people who do lots of makeup tutorials because for every single product used they will have to list of they bought it or not. Haha, it's going to be hilarious
for example:
Chapstick: gift from christmas

Hahaha! I'm gonna make this fun and write some crazy detailed stuff.

For example:
Victoria's Secret lipgloss: I bought this 2 months ago, 5 days, and 3 hours ago. hahaha!

But seriously this is honestly a chore. Sometimes I get stuff for free but I never ever ever get paid for anything. Companies send me stuff to honestly review and the ones I can only seem to remember at the moment is: Plein Air Life( And Danny is my friend and I met him a year before YouTube), Senna Cosmetics, and Sigma brushes--the rest I bought myself.