Monday, October 26, 2009


I have a love for Abreva...the medicine.  Is that weird? 

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I'm currently feeling under the weather and in my case, I often get cold sores with colds.  It's gross but it happens! Like anyone else, I hate cold sores.  It's tres terrible! I've tried a bunch of things prior to Abreva, but nothing has ever healed my cold sores so fast!

My mom is also very prone to cold sores and she also tried Abreva.  She was also very amazed with the medicine.  I bought it today and I'm hoping it works it's wonderful miracle on me again. 

The consistency of the ointment is kinda like...Neosporin.  However, it is not as thick as Neosporin.When I applied it to my lips I can "feel" it working.  At first it tingles for a bit but soon dies down.  This does not feel like a lip plumper at all! Don't be scared.  I know some people hate the feeling of plumpers.  This just tingles for a second or two and it's done.

It's an over the counter medicine, so you can find it just about anywhere.  The only thing that stinks about Abreva is the price.  It's pricey! The tube pictured above (the one I got) is around $16 dollars.  The small squeezey tube is about $14 dollars.

I hope this was helpful to someone.  Fight the cold sores!

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April said...

LOL! You are soo funny! "Fight the cold sores!"