Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Have you noticed? Everyone is going bat shit crazy over Alice in wonderland. There is a huge hype over it. I'm not hating on Alice, I just find it amusing.

So to add to this Alice hype I want to introduce "Looking Glass Wars" by Frank Beddor. It's a book about Alice in Wonderland...but not the same story. This book offers a different and creative view on the beloved story.

"The Looking Glass Wars is a novel written by Frank Beddor. Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, it claims that those two books were nothing but lies and that this is the true story. It features twists on the original story, such as the white rabbit
actually being Alyss's (Alice's) tutor, Bibwit Harte, and that the Mad
Hatter is actually a very agile, sober bodyguard named Hatter
Madigan"--Taken from Wiki

My plot:

Alice is a princess in Wonderland. Redd,
her aunt wants to take over the land. Alice flees the land and ends up on
on our world. In our world, everyone believes she is crazy because of her
Wonderland stories. Everyone besides....the reverend. He writes a
book based on her travels. Alice realizes he has distorted her story and
she gets very angry. Wonderland there is a revolution

There is sooo much more going on but..I would be giving away the story.

I have never read/watched Alice but I know enough about the plot to find this book interesting. It's an easy and fun read. This book will keep you hanging and wanting to know more. I'm very happy to have found it. So jump on the Alice bandwagon and read this book!


April said...

I wanna read it! I am soo bad I can't stick to a book--I stray away and start reading a new book. LOL!

vintage lex said...

I can't cheat on my books. If I do I forget what has happened.