Saturday, October 24, 2009

Respect to the Original Queen of Fashion

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette (Vogue) I created this in PSP

I have a sad fascination with Marie Antoinette.  I find her life so interesting and trajic.  Yes, she had a great life but in the end she was treated in a very cruel fashion.  France hated her from the moment she stepped foot in the royal palace.  It didn't help that she had a love for shopping and spending money.  It also didn't help that due to a past King, France had a huge debt. Due to her frivolous spending and little else, she was France's target of ridicule and hate.  You got to admit even for a Queen that's a bit too much too handle.  It's not her fault Louis XIV went "haul" crazy!

My vision was to create a look that would incorporate a Marie Antoinette vibe without going all out in period make-up.  If she were still around, I would assume she would be a Pop Princess.  I used colors that reminded me of her and placed lots of blush.  I'm pretty content with the finished result.  Although I think I should've done bright pink lips instead of berry ones.  Oh well!


  • ELF tinted moisturizer

  • Mac studio fix powder

  •  Annabelle Blossom Blush

  •  Mac Mutiny pigment

  •  Mac Stately Black

  •  L'oreal Hip Fiery pigment

  • Body Shop shimmer 06

  • Beauty from the Earth Grape eyeshadow

  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto

  • Nyx eyeliner Shappire

  • Revlon liquid eyeliner

  •  Revlon Berry Juice lipstain

  •  Cover Girl wetslicks Fire Fly


April said...

Impressive! I love your outfit! :) You always do an amazing job with makeup! :)

Kara said...

LOVE IT! I used to be obsessed with this movie lol.. ::Sings:: Iiiii want caaandy! Makeup looks great