Friday, October 16, 2009

New makeup!

I've been eye-ing some mineral makeup websites lately.  I really want some new makeup but when I reach into my pockets...little flies come out.  Kinda like those cartoons. Yeah, Je suis tres poor.  What is poor in french? Pauvre? suis tres pauvre.  Quel Domage! I can't believe I remember this much french. 

Back to topic: I was surfing Ashley's YT Channel when I found her video on Detrivore Cosmetics.  I fell in love! The colors were beautiful and best of all the price was up my alley! Lexy approves: $3.00 eyeshadows. Yaaaaaaaaay!  Did I mention that I also received free shipping?  Free shipping without any codes? I am in heaven at the moment.
I ordered 7 full eyeshadows and one sample.  I'm very happy and I hope to be even happier when my items arrive.  I'll update you when my stuff arrives to it's anxious owner. The link is below if you are interested.


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