Friday, October 9, 2009

I AM....Robin HOOD!

This past Sunday I went to the Rennaisance festival.  I love Renn fest!  I've been going since I was 16 years old, and every year since then it has been a blast.  I'm a fan of anything "historical" so of course, I would love the renn rest.  The first year at the festival I fell in love with the magical environment, the costumes, the shows, well...just about everything. 

However, it was only until last year that I decided to dress up in costume.  I really wanted to save up for a fancy costume but those cost around $200-500+.  So I settled on being part of the "low class" costumes. Haha. 

My friend Jeff and I were both Robin Hood.  I was the cooler one though :D

This is an awkward photo. lol. 

Speaking of awkward...there are sooo many boobs at the renn fest.  That's so weird to say, but there is sooo much CLEVAGE.  Women put their goods on display.  They even tuck money in between the goods.  It's hilarious! 

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Sherry said...

Hi Lexy~

I saw your links to your blog & youtube channel through April's video~

I am following you now on blogger & probably will on youtube too~

hehe~ Common interest~ <3 Hello Kitty!!!

I loooooove Ren Fest toooOO! Can't wait to go this year~ & Halloween is my favorite holiday.. <3 to dress up!

Nice Robin Hood costume~

~Sherr ^_^