Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My friend Jeffy (aka Hizke) drew this Lucario.

Oh snap, son! It's Lucario.  This was so easy to do.  Involves just two colors and a basic "mask" or V shape.  I think the hat really helped "create" Lucario.  If it wasn't for the hat, I don't think it would've looked as good. 

I feel my channel is becoming more and more...dorky.  Haha.  It's all in good fun but it is also a bit embarrassing.  As long as you laugh with me and continue to be amazed at my inner dorkiness, it's all good :D

To create the look I used:
-Snazaroo face paint in black
-Detrivore BSoD eyeshadow
-NYX silver glitter eyeliner
-Mac stately black
-ELF black eyerliner
-Revlon colorstay lip liner red
-Mac So Scarlette lipstick
-Annabelle Blossom Blush

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