Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ELF is watching and YT Guru advertising

Last week I did a video on "A Guide to ELF" the video was about what items I would recommend from  I was brutally honest and in one clip of the video, I even said "the rest of the brushes stink."  I was referring to the dollar line brushes.  I'm still content with the video and everything I said...I was just super suprised that ELF themselves contacted me!  SAY WHAT? They were happy with my review and looked forward to seeing another.  They even gave me a $5 dollar "gift card" as a thank you. 

This may not seem that big to you but to me it's HUUUGE! ELF saw my video! It's so unbelievable.  I didn't make my video for them, or intend to have them as my audience but getting their attention is pretty cool. 

Although I was given some ELF cash, it doesn't mean I will become their video slave.  Don't worry, my opinion and thoughts will always remain true.  Unless I get bought out for 5 billion dollars.  I don't think I see that happening...ever.  haha.

On a more honest note.  I know there is a lot of "hush hush" talk with gurus on YouTube that are sent items or paid, from companies.  I don't think it's a big deal unless you are recommending something terrible or just plain lying.  If you think about it...that's how commercials and advertisements work.  Celebrities do it, all the time.  Most people don't even think twice about a product when celebrity endorsement is involved.  I think YouTube advertising is great, it's free for most companies and it really gets their name out.  Plus, we as consumers find out about great companies.  It's pretty much a win-win. 

Some people get really mad at YouTube Gurus for promoting certain brands or companies.  Personally, I'm okay with it.  I think it's a bit annoying if that ALL they do in their videos.  Many people also hold the gurus responsible if their product doesn't work out.  I just want to simply state that free will is a powerful tool.  The guru's did not twist your arm, and demand that you buy that product.  That was all free will!  It's also important to note that everyone has a personal taste and preference.  Just because you like the color pink, doesn't mean I will like the color pink.  It's a simple human concept. 

What are you throughts on YouTube advertising and guru promotions?

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April said...

WOW congratulations! I AM SOO HAPPY FOR YOU! :) WOW! I am happy for anyone and everyone who reviews on YT as long as they have an honest opinion. I got Sigma Brushes for free and I had an honest review for them, I really love them! :) I think I like ELF now because they were nice to you. Hahah no more harsh feeling towards them since they were good to you. Hehehe!