Friday, October 23, 2009

Detrivore Cosmetics Haul

I got some goodies in today! Yay! I've been on a matte kick.  I "need" more matte shadows to add to my collection.  I ordered from Detrivore Cosmetics mainly to try something new, and because of their unbelievable price.  Plus, I like to support small businesses rather than big corporate ones. 

I received the items in perfect condition.  Each eyeshadow was individually wrapped.  Shipping was pretty fast and it was free!  I didn't pay a dime for shipping. Yay! 

The full sized jars I purchased. 

I only purchased 1 sample baggie, but look at all the extra samples I got (I forgot Nameless in this photo)

Swatches with Too Faced Shadow Insurance

My favorite colors thus far are Dagon and Mildew.  They are super gorgeous.  I'm a sucker for rich true purples and sea-foam colors.  I'm super excited to play with my new eyeshadows.

I will be doing a review shortly, but I wanted to update you on new makeup. 

P.S. I think I figured what "BSoD" means Blue Screen of Death.  My friend reminded me what it was.  Yah know when you get that horrible blue screen and your computer...dies?  If you haven't seen it, that's a good thing.  I have and it was tres sad. 


April said...

Amazing swatches! :) I love the names! :)

Elle said...

the colors are so pigmented, can't wait for you to do an eye look with them!