Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I went to my cousin's confirmation on Saturday.  It was way too long. It was long and it was torture to endure.  The Bishop decided to preach about abortions, sex, and pornography.  Really?  Is this the place to do it?  I was getting kinda upset but apparently the Bishop at my confirmation told us to have unprotected sex.  *shrugs* I really don't understand...
I took a few photographs but my camera is slowing dying...so all my pics kinda stink. 

Note the stockings.
Above is my cousin, Joao and my nephew Evan.

My sister was his sponsor. 
My bangs look like they died on my head.

I feel so very short.  He's 13 and almost my height. 

My cousins (his parents) told me, I resemble my grandfather and my sister my grandmother.  I feel that is the worst "compliment" or resemblance one can have.  Thank You?


April said...

Nice outfit! :) I love it! I never had confirmation, my mom was lazy to take me to classes. :/

Elle said...

lol trust me you're not short... they jst grow too fast and plus once they hit like a certain age, they wont grow anymore! hahaha