Monday, October 19, 2009

Mac, I am mad at you!

Photos from temptalia
Baroque Boudoir Collection

I am so upset with Mac! This collection is to die for.  It's so me! I love the packaging and the colors and everything.  I was already swearing to save $20 bucks just to buy one item when I realized they are selling their lipsticks for $22 dollars!! WHAT? Did I miss something or did the price go up?  What happened to $14.50?  I don't care if it's a special collection or not, this is just a plain rip off.  I can't believe it.  The sad thing is that tons of girls will not think twice about spending that amount. 

Am I the only sane girl who believes $14 dollars for a lipstick/lipglass is too much? 


da goose said...

lol try paying $16.5 + 13% tax here D= it's ridiculous since the currency rate is soo close right now and MAC is made in Canada.. like wth!

April said...

Hi Lexy I can totally relate with you! I am IN LOVE with this collection! I SOO WANT at least 1 lipstick. This line is going to be a huuuge hit I already know it! I think it's the packaging! Hehehe! :)

April said...

By the way Lexy thank you sooo much for the header you made! You are sooo SWEET! Thanks soo much! I'm going to put it up soon, but YouTube is doing maintenance and I can't go back to check my inbox because of that maintenance. Thanks so much! :)

Elle said...

the packaging is so pretty tho and yea $14 is already too much for a lipstick/lipglass and now it's $22 that's insane. I understand that MAC is all up there and whatnot but still... it aint worth it