Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I gave Spotty a bath today.  He was a very good kitty but I think he was very upset about the bath...so he decided to lay on my jean drawer.  He hasn't done this since he was a young kittty.  Thanks Spotty...now I have to use the lint roller on all my pants. 

Yes, those are corduroy pants in the photo...I still wear them! Why do people on hate on corduroy?  It's comfy and warm in the winter. 

On a more random note, I bought daylight light bulbs today at Target.  They are so...weird.  The lighting they omitt is cooler and blue-er.  It's not as yellowish as normal bulbs.  Who knew that a change in bulbs would make such a difference?  I placed them in my bedbroom and they really lightened the room up.  I think they will be better for tutorials too.  Now I won't have to be a reverse-vampire and film only when the sun is out. 

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April said...

That's really cool! I'm soo dumb--didn't know daylight light bulbs existed! I need to buy some! Aww Spotty is soo cute! A lot of people get mad at me when I tell them I give my cats a bath, but sometimes they need one. :)