Thursday, October 29, 2009

ELF Mineral Shadows

Aren't these colors gorgeous? 

This is my first time buying ELF's mineral shadows.  I was skeptical about buying their mineral shadows because;

1. I'm not a huge fan of mineral shadows and
2. ELF's eyeshadow quality isn't the best

The two colors I ordered were Golden and Celebrity.  Golden is a truer gold eyeshadow, while Celebrity is a paler, beiger, more neutral gold.  Both of these eyeshadows are very sparkley. 

 I received my items a few days ago and upon opening the jar, I was very surprised.  For $3 dollars I received a good sized jar of product.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the eyeshadows are very pigmented. It's hard to tell in my photos if they are pigmented, but keep in mind I ordered 2 shades of gold. 

Although the colors are already very gorgeous, I found that using them wet or with a great primer allows the eyeshadow to be more vibrant.

This isn't a proper review because I haven't used this product enough, but I am very amazed at ELF's mineral shadow line.  I have been buying ELF off the ying-yang but when I do order again, I will make sure to add more mineral shadows to my cart. 

Celebrity Swatches
Celebrity is a more neutral gold

Golden Swatches
Golden is a truer golden bronze color (this one was hard to photograph)

Has anyone tried ELF's mineral shadow line? What are your thoughts?


Elle said...

wow they look crazy messy but the colors are really pretty

KBCreative said...

I own all the ELF Mineral Eyeshadows and I find that if you pressed the mineral eyeshadows then they become even more vibrant than applying it wet. I used Coastal Scents's EZ Press solution to press my eyeshadows and they're so amazing. I find the shimmer ones better for pressing than the matte ones and they last for a very long time on your eyelids.