Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Avon Dress--Take a shine on me dress!

I bought this dress off Ebay.  It's originally from Avon's Mark line.  I fell in love with it a few months back.  I was going to wait for it to go on sale but..I gave up.  I searched ebay and found it 50% off.  The item I receive is in excellent condition and I adore the item.  It's white and VERY sparkley.  It has a gold print.  It's a chic white dress that is ideal for summer.  I love the dress, I'm just kicking myself for not getting it earlier.  Now, I'll have to wait until Spring to wear it.  Darn this coldness. 


April said...

Oh Lexy how I love all your posts! GREAT DRESS! I love the waistline and colors! :)

BunnyliciouS said...

I hope you can help me. Avon is currently selling this dress for $14.99 shipped. Is the "metallic foil design" is very sparkly? I'm afraid if it's too sparkly. :-/ TIA.