Sunday, October 18, 2009

My First Giveaway

I'm announcing my first ever giveaway on YT.  I'm excited.  If you win, you will receive 9 adorable pumpkin shape soaps.  They are made by moi.  They smell delicious, it's a blend of flowers, strawberry and coconut.  I also added Lavender essential oil to the soaps so they should be very soothing.  I hope you enjoy.  Thanks for being a subscriber.  I appreciate you!



Rules for my giveaway:
  • -Be a subscriber
  • -Permisson from Parent/Guardian if you are under 18
  • -Fill out Form & enter as many times as you want :D
  • Name 
  • What is the dorkiest/nerdiest thing about you?

In one week I will close this giveaway and announce my winner. Good luck & have fun!



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